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What's this Dr. Bronner's stuff all about?

By Elizabeth Walsh

Several years ago, before I really even thought about adopting a plant-based diet, I began switching my beauty products to cruelty-free, natural ones. Most vegans I meet start with changing their diet, and their beauty products are one of the last things they change; however, I have always been somewhat of a hippie at heart and have loved finding natural, simple products, as well as making my own. My initial quest to simply use more natural products on my skin has led me down the path to veganism- a path that I never expected to exist! It all started with this!

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Making a Vegan Meal for my Meat-Eating Boyfriend

by Chloe Paul

I am so excited that my dear friend, Aimee, continues to follow her passion and has started this website to encourage friends and family to live a healthier lifestyle. Her work ethic and knowledge of this important topic is inspiring! I am even more excited that she asked me to be a monthly contributor to the blog (I'm honored, Aim!).

I'm going to start with two confessions: 1) I'm not vegan. 2) I've never written a blog post before! I recently started my career as a clinical nurse, and I've been accustomed to using my “left-brain” for the past 4 years, so bear with me as I exercise my “right-brain” with this challenge. While I'm not vegan, I have been pescatarian (a vegetarian that eats fish) since 2011, and I do frequently enjoy vegan meals. Visiting Aimee in NYC has opened me up to some incredible plant-based restaurants that just haven't made it to my small town in Maine (yet, anyway). I'm using this opportunity as a blogger for to expand my vegan knowledge and to support meat-eaters and other non-vegans in making an easy and fun transition to a more plant-based lifestyle!

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Six tips to make your farmer's market trip a success

By Elizabeth Walsh

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is go to a farmers' market! I love going on Saturday mornings. Making delicious, healthy food choices for the rest of my week really starts the weekend off right.


Markets can be a lot of fun, but also very overwhelming- especially if you go to a big one in a city like I do. I love the farmers’ market at Union Square in New York City. However, the first time I went was not a great experience. I had no idea where anything was or what I wanted. I promise, once you get a routine down, you’ll have absolutely no problem wandering around the market!

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Healthy & Cheap Vegan Eats in NYC That You Might Not Know About 

by Zoe Morisow

Being a vegan in New York City is a bit of paradox—on the one hand, it’s easy because there are so many great options everywhere you go, on the other hand, it takes some serious willpower not to break the bank buying vegan goodies. That being said, it’s helpful to know where you can get a healthy vegan meal for less. I’ve only been living in New York City for a couple of months, but I’ve discovered some great deals that I want all you vegans to know about!

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